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Alright brides, this one is for you! It’s time to talk about how your going to wear you hair on your big day! Your hairstyle is an important part of your wedding day attire. There are multiple ways to style your hair in an elegant way perfect for your wedding. Short, long, brown, or blonde, there are beautiful hairstyles for everyone! There are diffe[...]


If you are like me, then you are not a huge fan of cake. And why have something at your wedding that you do not love!? There are so many alternatives to wedding cakes you can use for your wedding. These alternatives are so delicious and cute, you might re-think using a traditional cake!  Probably the most widely used alternative to wedding cakes, are cupca[...]

Port of York Wedding Planner || Yorktown, Virginia || Curtis + Jenny 8-17-13

If I had to describe Jenny and Curtis’ wedding in one word, it would be classy. Their colors were red and black with a little bit of damask in the table and program details, and plenty of beautiful red roses in the ceremony and reception! The couple chose to have a small wedding, and it was the perfect intimate gathering. Though it rained on what was suppose[...]


Your wedding day is a very big and important day in your life, and you want all the people you love to share that special time with you. Many couples who have lost loved ones that would have attended their wedding, honor them in some way at the ceremony. There are many ways to honor your loved ones, and if you have more than one, they do not all have to be h[...]


Originally, veils were used to symbolize the bride’s purity. They also were believed to hide the bride’s face from evil spirits, by keeping her modest. Now, veils have become a tradition that most brides use as part of their wedding attire! Veils are beautiful and elegant, but you most certainly do not have to wear one! But if you do decide to we[...]