Monthly archives:July 2013

It ain't always easy...

Being a wedding planner, I see it all the time. Her eyes glisten with the thought of gorgeous bouquets, the idea of a DJ or a band, many different dress choices, the jewelry she will wear, pinning her perfect wedding on Pinterst, and so on and so on. Planning a wedding is so exciting! And for me it was the same way. I loved, I mean absolutely loved planning [...]

Crab cake sandwich, old time pictures, plantation on the water, secret garden, floral meeting, old fashion TOILET, and spending time with our Charming Bride, Ashley! Today was amazing!!!

Oh.My.Goodness!!! Pinch of Charm is back!

Helllllllo all you charmers out there. I know it’s been a whiiiiiiiile since our last post…. a while! So…. hello [: Let me give you a run down of where I’ve been since… ummm… lets skip the logistics. - I became POC full time!! -Huge accomplishment for me seeing as how I wanted to be home with my son and work at the same ti[...]