Monthly archives:August 2012

Charming Deet #111:"Dealing with cold feet!"

Wedding got you stressed out? Having second thoughts? Don’t worry, it happens! A lot of the times when you have reached maximum stress you begin to have second thoughts on the wedding! Its okay! Its just pre-wedding jitters!   Some things you may want to keep in mind when your experiencing pre wedding jitters are the ones that you should not call off the wed[...]

Charming Deet #110: "Renewing your vows!"

Already Married? Well here are come ideas on if you want to renew your vows! The renewal of wedding vows with your partner is a great way f reaffirming the bond that was previously made at your wedding! It can normally incorporate much more than your original ceremony!   For a lot of couples, a simple private wedding ceremony can sometimes be the cheapest an[...]

Charming Deet #109: "Vintage Wedding Ideas"

A vintage wedding is always timeless and beautiful! All of the decorations draw your eye to so much! From the mason jars hanging from the tress to the cluttered centerpieces, there is so much beauty in the softness of the chaos. Here are some vintage wedding decoration ideas for summer weddings! Hanging mason jars from tree branches is one of the most used [...]