Monthly archives:July 2012

Charming Deet #091: "Vintage Weddings!"

Vintage weddings are the most popular trends now days! If you are thinking of having a vintage wedding, you might want to think of what vintage means to you. Vintage weddings are a broad subject and you need to find what theme is most suitable to you!   Is it the sepia colored photography, cameos, pearls, and long fitted satin dresses or do you think of the [...]

Charming Deet #090: "Centerpieces"

When it comes to making sure that your wedding is decorative, there is one item that can completely make or break your wedding. Centerpieces!! With the right centerpiece, your whole reception area can transform into a beautiful fairytale! Here’s some tips to make sure your centerpiece fits perfectly with your wedding reception. Make sure that your cen[...]

Charming Deet #089: "Etsy Friday 6.6.12"

Etsy Friday once again! This week is for the mother of the bride. {{LanaChayka}} is a great store that offers green, yellow and violet coin crystal bracelet that is simply beautiful!! The mother of the bride is the most important asset to the wedding party! She definitely deserves this gorgeous bracelet! Take a look at the link below and click it! You’[...]

Charming Deet #88: "Fourth of July Wedding idea!"

Want to have a cute patriotic wedding?! Well what better time to have your special day on the Fourth of July! The fourth is one of the best summer holidays in existence! I’m talking warm summer days, cookouts, fireworks and good ol’ stars and stripes! The Fourth of July has just passed but if you are newly engaged and are still trying to pick a date, consid[...]

Charming Deet #087: "June 30th; Josh and Cortney Carderelli magical wedding"

The Carderelli wedding was located at the Founders Inn and Spa in Virginia Beach! With this wedding they had the wedding coordinator, Shay, working along with Lisa Aguilar, the Catering Sales Manager to make sure the couple, Josh and Cortney’s special day ran smoothly!  It was extremely hot outside, so due to the weather the ceremony was moved from bei[...]

Charming Deet #086: "Wedding Registry"

The purpose of the registry has always been to let your guest know the preferred styles and patterns of items necessary for you and your spouse to build your home together. Finding the prefect places for your wedding registry is always fun and exciting. It is often one of the few things your spouse will get excited to help with!    The list of items on your [...]