Monthly archives:July 2012

Charming Deet #103: "The Flower Girl"

The flower girl is probably the cutest part of the whole ceremony. There is so much more that goes into being a flower girl than just putting on a dress and walking down the aisle! Of course the flower girl is going to bee overwhelmed with the amount of people staring her down! She’s only 4, she may have a meltdown. Here’s ways to prep the flower[...]

Charming Deet #102: " Great Wedding Hairstyles!"

After finding the perfect dress next is finding the perfect hairstyle to match your perfect dress! Sometimes going with the classic hairstyle for your wedding will ensure you will look wonderful on your big day! A classic hairstyle will flatter everyone! A lot of brides go with the typical soft loose curls! This is an easy process that always comes out amaz[...]

Charming Deet #101: "Etsy Friday 7.20.12"

It’s Etsy Friday once again ladies and gentlemen. The store this week is just for the Maid of Honor (MOH). The MOH is your right hand throughout the wedding process. A good MOH is there for you, keeping you sane, when you need her the most. So doesn’t she deserve a gift that lets her know just how important she is to you? {{WordsForYou}} offers t[...]

Charming Deet #100: "Paper Decorations"

There are some amazing things that you can do with paper. Of course you want the finest decorations, but paper decorations don’t have to be tacky! Tacky is definitely not the way to go. This is your big day so why not customize it with some of the best paper decorations you’ve ever seen! Look! LOOK! From candle holders to latern gift boxes. Pape[...]

Charming Deet #099: "First Kiss!"

That moment after you are pronounced husband and wife, you turn look at your spouse. And the preacher says, “ You may kiss the bride.”  This is probably one of those details that’s best left improvised!  You want to show your guest you are excited about the wonderful person you have just got married to!    But when you are about to kiss your spouse it is go[...]

Charming Deet #098:" Rustic Country Fall Wedding ideas"

Planning a Fall Wedding? Looking for ideas on themes? Well try a Rustic Country Fall Wedding! Fall is full of nice crisp weather, hot apple cider, and a new seasonal color scheme. When planning a fall wedding try to draw inspiration from nature such as orange, gold, and auburn. These colors will pop during your rustic wedding. Also think pumpkins and orcha[...]