Monthly archives:February 2012

Charming Deet #022: "Etsy Friday 2.10.12"

Here we are again! This week’s featured Etsy shop is truly remarkable. Prepare to be amazed by the creations of {{TheRitzyRose}}! While the shop prides itself in being “Your One Stop Shop for Wedding Accessories,” we are focusing on their incredible brooch bouquets!! I’ll admit[...]

Charming Deet #021: "Party at the Tables"

Last week we showed you inspiration ideas for some amazing game activities to have set up at the reception or cocktail hour. Now, we have some ideas for smaller, yet just as fun, game ideas to have at the dining tables. This will get your guests laughing and talking with those around them while they are waiting to be served or waiting for their turn for the [...]

Charming Deet #020: "Etsy Friday 2.3.12"

This weeks featured Etsy seller is {{Whimsy & Ink}} a shop that sells “Handmade flasks for awesome people” These handmade flasks would make perfect groomsmen gifts! They even feature some girly flasks for bridesmaid gifts. I know there are plenty of fun brides and grooms that would love this! Their flask[...]

Charming Deet #019: "Let's Play Games!"

Like this sign suggests, not every guest will feel comfortable shaking their bottoms on the dance floor. If you want to ensure ALL of your guests have a rocking time, consider having games spread out at your reception. This can be especially awesome if you are having an outdoor day wedding where you can set up some pretty elaborate games. Most of all, this [...]