Monthly archives:October 2011

Charming Deets #010 "Don't Mishap... Burlap"

Seriously, I can’t even get over how adorable and PERFECT this is! It screams “how darling” and “oh it was meant to be” all at the same time. Why couldn’t I have thought of this for my wedding?! Well… now you can think of it for yours :] Have a charming day!

Charming Deets #009 "Research & Rehearse"

With all of the craziness that goes into the BIG DAY…. the last thing people think about is the day prior. The rehearsal dinner is a tradtion that has come hand in hand with the actual wedding itself. This is the perfect oportunity to give your bridal party their gifts, thank your families for their contributions and some times, but not always, introdu[...]