Monthly archives:September 2011

Charming Deets #008 "Feather Duster"

Charming Deets #008 "Feather Duster"Helloooo Darling, You all have GOT to check out this store! PlumeDelight on Etsy specializes in custom feather design for the most fashionable wedding day. Boutonnieres, hair clips, headbands, bouquets. She is fantastic and has great ratings. She’s got a Facebook and Etsy. So don’t forget… PlumeDelight.  [...]

Charming Deets #007 "Don't Whine... just WINE!"

Need an adorable centerpiece idea that will melt your guests heart? You probably have it availabe already. Wine Bottles! Uhhhh duh! Can we say “man, why didn’t I think of that before?!?” They are so cost effective, so cute, so different and so chic! Not all of the bottles have to match.. I mean hey, that’s why it’s cute! And ins[...]

Charming Deets #005 "BOXing it Out"

So we all know that a card box or cage is totally necessary, so why not do it up a bit?! Why not have your card box beat out all the others? Not only will this be a great indicator for the gift table and show your guests how creative you can be, but it adds color to the room. Most bird cages cost about the same that this custom card box would. All you need [...]

Charming Deets #004 "The Road to Anywhere"

As you all know, I’m a fanatic of the whole DIY look mixed with chic vintage. Well here is the perfect doer-upper for that outdoor picnic style wedding. Here it is: The Road to Anywhere This is so cute, so easy and perfectly perfect for your guests. Dress it up a bit with more color. Paint the arrows to match your colors of the wedding. Then, sand ove[...]

Charming Deets #003 "Weight"

Need something to ADD to the party! Try adding a little weight! This brilliant idea is beyond perfect for the DIY theme/vintage greatness. I stumbled upon this and almost fell out of my chair. May I please, Please, PUHLEASE have a bride who wants to do a vintage theme just so I have an excuse to use these! These are perfect for centerpieces, or just decor to[...]