Monthly archives:March 2011

Food, food and more food!

Many caterers make their money mostly through weddings. Want to know why? Because once the word wedding gets involved, prices jump nearly 20%. Weddings are huge money makers for vendors, but they can be inexpensive if you go about it the right way.  If you’re looking for good, quality and cheap food, I’ll tell you one place that will NOT fail. **[...]

On a tight budget? I mean, tight! Well, for those of you that are, have no fear, the dollar store is here!! Seriously folks, no lie… yes, I said it… THE DOLLAR STORE. These candles, vases and ribbon were all purchased at the dollar store. With the right eye and sense of taste, any body can make the Dollar Store look good, as long as you arenR[...]

Hellllooooooooo cuteness! Need a sassy yet fancy way to show off the big day? What better way than to add the finishing touch to your cake table or have a sculpture glistening at the entrance of your reception? Check out Ice Art Inc. Serving Hampton Roads weddings and events!

Don't get mad, get glad. Planning Alone.

Planning your wedding by yourself? Don’t let the stress get to you! It can be a lot easier than one thinks. First, you must have a PLAN! Remember in high school and you had to write an outline before you submitted your paper? Man, were those english teachers on their A game! Seriously, listen to them! If planning alone (by alone I mean without a coordi[...]